Do you have that beautiful photo of yours that you may want mounted on your wall? Try our wooden mounts made of strong, durable and long-lasting wooden boards.

Why Choose Our


Our wooden board mounts are strong and can withstand breakage.


We are the best because our photo mounts do not peel at the edge like the rest.

Long Lasting

Do you want memories that stand the test of time? Well, you found us.

Amazing Finish

Our mounts have a sleek, soft attractive finish to them that make them state of the art.

Or Did You Want Us To You?

We can do any type of frame for any size of photo. Let us put that amazing photo of yours into a nostalgic frame of memories.

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Make that wall of yours beautiful with our amazing, wall frames. They are made of strong, durable and long-lasting wooden boards.

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Everytime I wake up to this motivational frame, I get inspired to do more. Why not fill them in this room?

David Ochiel

What else would a lady need if not beautiful picture frames with amazing messages around her?

Namatei Naisula

As an avid reader of Silomasays articles, I just had to explore this shop and to be honest, I am amazed.

Judith Wairimu

Make that space Beautiful.

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